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"Yer a wizard 'arry"

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Growing up I was a big Harry Potter fan as most kids my age were. I say 'was' lightly because I still am a big HP nerd. This is what inspired me to design and make a lithophane box containing each of the eight movie posters. I think this is my biggest and most thought out project so far.

If you wish to print this out yourself, I've uploaded this to my Cults3d profile here.

The process:

With the size of this project, each of the eight boxes were actually individually printed. Each box took 10-12 hours to print and each litho took about 17 hours each bringing the total print time to about 220 hours. Once the boxes were finished printing, I (my mom who has been my hands throughout my 3D-Printing journey) glued each of them together and later added LED light strips.

I decided to alternate between a warm and cool LED light strip to give the effect of a more "natural" lighting. Below you can see it without the lithos added.

Here you can see the alternating warm and cool lighting.

This is what it looks like without lights turned on behind the lithos.

And here is the final project in a dark room with the lights on behind the lithos.

Overall, I am very pleased with how this came out. This project taught me quite a bit for future projects and gave me a template for something else from my childhood...What could that be? Hmmmm...READ THIS NEXT

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