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What I did during COVID

Like many of us, COVID was the source of spontaneous creations. For me, that was in the form of boredom. With no shows to go to, no orders coming in, I decided to decorate the corner of the room I stare at the most. Some of these designs I turned into magnets. I wanted to do things I liked and thought would look cool.

Starting off with the left side of the corner, these are random things I've liked growing up.

For the corner, I printed shelves to hold my various knick-knacks as well as house four different Pokemon lithos.

On the right side of the corner, I went with a Harry Potter theme. The dark red shelving unit was an idea I had to convert the Deathly Hallows symbol into something useful.

Finally, I had some blank space above my window I wanted to fill, so I decided to fill it with my name in Pokemon's Unkown lettering.

As you can see, I'm dangerous when I'm bored. I've become a big fan of decorating this way and have a few plans for other parts of my house. I'll be sure to post that when I start and finish.

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