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National Grange Convention logos

The Grange has been a part of my life since I was born. I can remember playing on a typewriter in a Californian hall while my mom, who was state master at the time, worked on things she needed to do. I can also remember going to different national conventions across the country each year.

One distinct memory that stands out to me is my time in Portland, Maine for national convention in 2001. Every national convention ends with a big banquette on the final day. Seeing as we were in Portland, Maine, it was only fitting we would be served lobster. However, 7 year old me, didn't know we were going to get an entire lobster on a plate put in front of us. I had also never seen a full sized lobster before this either. With me in a push wheelchair and my brakes locked; as soon as the server removed the cover off the plate and I see this huge red clawed looking thing staring back at me with solid black eyes, I could not unlock my brakes and back away from the table in terror fast enough. I swear to this day, that black eye moved to look at me.

With that being said, once I started my 3D Printing journey in '17, I wanted to give back to the Grange in some way. I decided to take their logo for that year's convention and design a plaque for it. I donated this to the live auction held during the end banquette. It ended up selling for $500 which went towards the California fire victims of fellow Grange members.

This was my first project involving pieces that fit together as well as painting a 3D printed object. The first convention logo I designed was printed in all gold because I did not have a multi-colored printer yet. Below are pictures of the first logo unpainted and painted.

The following year I had multi-color printing capabilities so I was able to fully print the 2019 logo in color. Because it was more than five colors, I had to design it to be a fit-in-place piece for the tree. I also decided to add color to the wheat of the vertical stand.

This 2019 logo was auctioned as well and the proceeds went towards the youth program.

Finally, this is this year's logo which will be auctioned off at national session as the others have.

I'll continue to update this as the years go on.

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